TERRE(S) MÈRE(S) / Web-documentaire


“Our first encounter was in the staircase of the building, overloaded with my cardboard boxes. Seeing me taking them up them and without waiting for my answer, M proposed his help by seizing one of the packages […]”

Homeland(s) is a testimony in one page which recalls the experience of M, a Lebanese doctoral student arrived in France ten years ago.
The slide allows to reveal and to scroll the text. The stopping on an image allows to activate the videos accompanied with an audio testimony.

Terre(s) mère(s) est un web-documentaire retraçant l’expérience de M, doctorant Libanais arrivé en France il y a dix ans. Le déroulé de la page permet de révéler les textes, l’arrêt sur une image permet d’activer une vidéo témoignage.